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Need massive prayers please

My cousin Ryan was rushed to the ER by ambulance in the early morning of the 15th. He was thrashing around really badly in his sleep and my mom couldn't wake him up. He somehow made his way in the kitchen and then fell off a chair and began convulsing. He went to the hospital and was then life flighted to another hospital in riverside. He has a very large brain contusion in 3 different places and severe swelling of the brain. He is on a ventilator and all sorts of other machines. He has another brain scan this morning to see if the brain swelling has gone down. Please pray for him, tell your pastors, your friends, a stranger, whoever to please please pray for him. He's only 31. Much too young to be going through this. Our family has already lost my uncle ( my cousin's dad). We don't want to lose our cousin too. Thank you all