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Prayer for my son

My son, Jon, and his wife, Rosalea are having marital difficulties and she has asked him to leave their home. He has some anger issues that have caused a lot of the problems. He was involved in a car accident 7 years ago and pretty much stopped him from working. Because of this, he doesn't feel worthy of her love and then he has started being mean to their four girls. He hollers a lot and Rosalea has said she has had enough. I know God can restore their marriage and the love they once had. My son doesn't want to give up on their marriage and he has gone to their pastor for counseling. As of yet, Rosalea has only talked with the pastor via test messages. Please pray with me that God will help them resolve their issues and help their marriage be restored, for their sakes and their girls. To the glory of God! Amen.