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Prayer Center

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Please pray for God's help! Emergency

Hi, I have been asking for prayer regarding my rent and job issues. I appreciate all the prayers. Knowing strangers care just makes my heart happy. I can not catch up on rent. Every time I have money for it, a catastrophe happens. I never have enough money for food or gas. I know we all have our hard times in life and I am more than willing to carry my cross. But I am at my mental breaking point and after 10 years of pure stress I can't do it anymore. God has to come through for me. I need prayer that God won't leave me this way. I have tried everything I humanly can to get myself out of this situation. The owner has called for rent. She was very nice but of course wants to be paid. I know God can provide an a infinite way. Please pray God blesses me. I don't want much. Just to be able to cover my bills, maintain my car and have food to eat. Thanks again!