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Prayer Center

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I am very stressed and afraid. I am injured from car accidents not caused by me. I am behind on all bills including rent and live with a family member, my mom, who can only find part-time work. Every time we have a small victory where we will catch up, we have something bad burry us worse than before and now we are completely out of options. The stress is making my condition worse and waking me up at night. I cry out to God. I don't know what to do anymore. I keep praying. I only have the one family member to talk but she is in the same boat. She is injured too and needs medical help and is getting terrible migraines every day. We keep praying together but feel so alone. I have to believe God wants more for my life than this stress. I want to get better, work, marry and have children and make a difference in this world; not worry constantly about bills. Thanks for the prayers