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Prayer Center

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My Identity in Christ

I struggle massively w/ comparing myself to other people, girls & guys, big & small, ethnicity, etc, the list can go on & on, it doesnt matter. If I find something about someone that I admire/that I am envious of, I will compare myself. I feel inaduequate, insecure & confused. People tell me I am a beautiful girl & wonder why I dont have a boyfriend. I dont have one because I am such an insecure person. Dont get me wrong, there are days I feel good, but I still battle with the way I used to be. Im 25 & my plan is to wait for another 3 years until I decide to have a boyfriend/potential husband. Sometimes I feel lonely & wonder if I will ever get over being so insecure. I dont like that Im like this. I want to be so lost in Christ that I will know who I am in Him. Please pray for me. Thank you.