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prayer update

Thank you for your prayers last Friday, when I went to court. The court proceeding got moved to Sept 16, so if you could pray for me and my sons then, I would greatly appreciate it. I am choosing to believe that last Fridays court hearing was a trial run for what God is going to do. Thankfully the boys visit was suspended due to that hearing. The court hearing is about stopping visits with my ex husband. We've been in and out of court with him for 8 years, and was with him 7 years before that, making it be a 15 year journey. He was abusive while we were married and still is abusive today. All 3 are afraid of him and just want to move on with our lives, which hasn't been able to happen.. We just want to be free. Please, also, pray that a door would open for us to have a home. We lost our home at the end of June and are still waiting to get into our own home.