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Prayer Center

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Cousin lost his life/friend & family needs prayer

A relative lost his life do to an accidental gun shot. A friend was right there when it happened, and he is being held in jail until they investigate. Please pray for the family, this friend, & also all of the friends of this person that passed away. I was upset to hear this news, because I always pray for this person & cousin to be protected & to become soldiers for Christ. At first I was mad at God, just upset & sad, but right when I heard the news I turned on PLR & have kept it on. This young relative was a special, loving, caring person w/ a huge smile that could light up your life. Im sad as well as TONS of other ppl. He touched a lot of lives. So prayer for his family, friends, kids, girlfriend, and also the friend that is being held in jail. I couldnt imagine what he is going through. Thank you for your prayers.