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marriage in trouble

My husband has perpetually lost jobs due to internet porn, the last time this happened I told him it would b the last, he needed to gethelp an get right with God or our marriage was over, now he's been reduced to a janitors job (he's had high paying jobs when we married),and now he may loose this job as well--how low can u go, and now i'm not sure what God is asking of me, we are separated but in same house until I know if I should stay or go. I know it's not all about me, he could loose everything grandkids , me, house, friends, so i'm not quick to make a decision, but he's left me unprotected and there are many vultures out there wanting my affection which I refuse, but the more attention I get the angrier I get at my husband for doing this to me. can this marriage be saved? I don't trust a darn thing that comes out of his mouth he's been such a master deceivr for tooo long