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Forgiveness & trust

My mom goes to court today for grandparent visitiation rights for my brothers 2 year old daughter. All we want is to visit the baby. The mother of my brothers baby lives about an hour & 1/2 away from where we live. I prayed for her this morning to get here safely and that she can grow in Jesus, but a few minutes ago I called her a bad name, & I dont like that I did this. I have a hard time & I go back & forth w/ resentment towards her. In her report she agrees to let my mom see the baby, only for 1 day, & we are to provide transportation there & back. Like I said its an hour & 1/2 drive to & from... Im really frustrated with this girl & I dont like that I am. Prayers for me, the girl, my family, & for us to trust God... Thank you.