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Prayer Center

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WE need a Miracle...

My husband I have had his home on the market in Spirit Lake Idaho since April, we have had one showing (we got married in April, and it is too far of a commute for me to work, he is medically retired, bad heart).We REALLY need this home to sell. It ia a beautiful rancher 2 blocks from the lake. It would make a nice vacation home, or retirement home for someone since it is close to everything, we walked everywhere. We need it sell because we can not carry both homes anymore, and the upkeep for my husband is too much. We need a miracle, quick! We have been taking it to the alter in prayer every week(and will continue) and have given it to him, but it is too much for us. (I have told my husband we need to completly give it to him, but how when it is eating you alive? ) Thanks for all of your prayers