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Prayer for me & family... Favor In my legal battle

Pending charges of my past... On going for 3 yrs now... finally coming to an end. My sentence is scheduled for October 08,2013. Requesting prayer for ME, I'm trusting God to pull me thorough these legal charges/battle. I need favor/miracle!! One of my punishments would be 5 months incarceration, 5 months home monitor. I fear this, as I have 5 children that need me & depend of me. @ the time of my mistake I was blind & didn't realize how bad I'd make things for myself. Now I can clearly see That My children, family will struggle only because of my disobedience. This occurrence can also ruin my carrer & future. I would hate this happening. Because that would only mean a failure to my family, & they don't deserve this. I need help praying That God may have mercy on me IN Jesus NaME... AmEN !!