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Prayer Center

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Celebration of renewed life

Happy Re-birthday and join in your prayers all humanity still in the womb of life awaiting their birth in Christ. What greater gift has there ever been? Believer or non-believer put such an importance on our physical date of birth, which is the first step to GOD and commonly a big deal to our families, that many forget the date of receiving GOD'S grace thru Christ's salvation. I wasted 50+ years not serving GOD and he still took me in. I marvel at all who live thru Christ, those that came to Him just by faith, surrendered themselves and allowed Jesus to take over. I ask and implore those who are wondering what Christ can possibly do, those who wonder what keeps going wrong and why, to sincerely without reservation ask Jesus to give you your 2nd birth, to join all believers and begin the life that has been waiting for you.