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My Son Whose 30 Year Old Life Has Been Tragic

My son, who will soon be 30, has had a painful life. He has mental issues. He seems normal, but he isn't. He went to Christian school but then got in trouble at 18 and wound up in prison for 9 years (almost his entire adult life). He was released over a year ago, got into meth, was physically violent with me and there is now a no contact order. I had helped him with phones, rent, food, clothing, but now he has no one. He has a mental imbalance - ADD, a drug addiction, no resources, is in jail now for failure to adhere to his probation - is about to go off of probation, and it is now cold outside. He has no DSHS because he cannot make his appointments, has no address, ID - is homeless, friendless. I love him but don't know how to help. Am always sad, but It doesn't compare to the sadness and despair he must feel as this is his REALITY - not a situation someone is empathizing with