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family and school

I am homeschooling my nephew because he was having a difficult time in public school. My sister is a single mother and cannot do it herself. I am having a really hard time doing his homeschool, taking care of my home, and taking care of my toddler. He needs all my attention and that makes our days very stressful. My toddler has been acting up because I have no attention to spare, but my nephew has had enough people give up on him and I don't want to add to that list. So every day I have to choose between my nephew and my kid. I know the answer seems obvious but I'm not sure why God would bring this into our lives if he didn't want me to see it through. I've tried everything I can think of to make this work from scheduling to praying and hoping and everything in between. I need a clear answer from God, thats all I'm asking for.