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Prayer Center

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Frustrated & let down

I enjoy my job, however, I would like to be trained & become more knowledgable in my position. I have asked my supervisor twice about training [I'm hoping I didnt reveal too many weaknesses though], but he seems to dance around the questions I ask him. I struggle with knowing that I am not working up to my potential & I know I could be doing a much greater job, but with lack of training, it seems as if I'm coming to work & I'm a robot. It is very frustrating & I feel like the whole department is chaotic. We are very behind & our staff is not properly trainied. I dont understand his motives, & I've read where companies train their employees to be their absolute best & this guy is not doing that. Its not all that hard to learn, Im sure, but Im a visual learner & need help. Prayers please, thank you.