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Prayer Center

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pray for healing

On aug 17 I fell 15 feet from a ladder and now i have a hole in my ankle the size of a bar of soap it has caused me to miss work and is costing me thousands of dollars i dont have. I have no insurance i am currently falling way behind on all my bills including my rent and child support. i now have a staph infection also. This is very scary to me and i cant help but feel alone and overwhelmed my self confidence and feeling of security are at an all time low.I need to get back to work with the local #66 doing sheet metal so i can have stability and some medical coverage. Also so i can maintain my small rental so i may continue to have my precious three year old daughter every other weekend. i admit my faith is very shaken. please help i am totally ready to give up on life completely please pray for my strength and to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally