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My husband

One month before my now husband proposed,his mom stopped breathing.She'd been struggling with mysterious asthma attacks for three months with no relief.When she stopped breathing she was rushed to NICU,where she stayed for 2 weeks.Shes been transferred to nursing care with no signs of improvement.My husband and I continued with our plans to get married,but we are now struggling with this mourning process.It's so heartbreaking,mourning in a time that we wish we could just have joy.Its been 6 months since she went under,and I keep praying for things to be right again.I don't know how to be a good wife through this.We love the Lord and have been praying so much,but there has been no relief.I never imagined things would be this way.Pray for strength and peace,and help.My husband has been hurting though it,and it's effecting our marriage,introducing tensions that should never have been there.