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Prayer Center

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needing encouragement and a miracle

Thank-you for praying today. I am struggling! I am a student finishing up with my student teaching but there is so much that is due in the next week and a half that I can barely think, let alone get the 90+ page document done. I have 3 children who are wonderful. I need you to wrap them in your care precious Lord. I am stressed and I know that stress is not of you, its from the playground of the devil, but I am struggling to get out of it. I have not been able to work at my job for head-start because of my student teaching so my income barely covers the needs of our household. prayers the Lord covers our needs, I can be less stressed, when bills come I will have the money to pay them, just as with Christmas presents I will find just what is needed on sale and the right money will be available. I know you are the miracle maker Lord. Thank you for all your blessings