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Prayer Center

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Work Culture

The place I work at seems to have some real ingrained unhealthy habits--I feel that every department here is floating on their own islands with no one to report to. Theres a lack of goal-oriented attitudes & to the extreme laxy daisy, working at 45%, rather than 100%. The H.R department is unfair to job applicants, its biased, & about who you know. I've been on the interview committee, about 3 times, & I've witnessed how unfair it is. I've seen H.R sway the committee into choosing a particular person. I feel that a person can do awesome in an interview, be the most valuable candidate, but that doesnt matter because H.R has their mind made up with who they want to choose. Please pray for change, & equal opportunity & a more healthy work culture with attitudes that are goal oriented, including mine. I am allowing the negativity to sneak in & affect me...