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My daughter's aunt, Betty Perez, has uterine cancer, had radiation, it spread & she had surgery, will need more chemo or radiation. My daughter lost her mom to cancer at 17, her mom was 40, this is her mom's oldest sister who she is very close to. I have been praying for healing, & for both to receive Jesus Christ. I accepted Him a year ago & He healed my liver cancer, & freed me from alcohol & drugs. I told her I accepted Jesus & have been healed, but she isn't convinced yet. I need some powerful prayers to help them. They are in LA, CA so I can't visit them, but I pray for them. I love PLR and felt a connection with the station and listeners in this year long journey to be reborn, so I know your prayers will heal Betty and help bring both her & Danielle to Jesus. God bless you & thank you for your prayers!