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My Mom and sisters health

lMy Mother has had Trigeminal Neuralgia for about 12 years, it is intermittant severe pains in the jaw they jokingly call it (the Suicide disease). Anyway she had the old fashioned surgery in Wenatchee about 10 years ago, in the last 3-4 months her pains have come back so she had cyber-knife surgery in Spokane about 2 weeks ago, She'd been doing very well until about Sunday, she started having the bad pains again, called the Dr, but I think she is healing now, thats why the nerve is spazing I pray she wont have to suffer much more! And my Sister has Sjogrens Disease, she is numb from head to toe, she still drives, she taught until this year with an aide. But she needs healing, she is now having trouble keeping her balance, has low blood pressure, and needs to gain weight! I just found out I also may have Sjogrens. Trying not to panic. God Help me!