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my health

I have Crohns disease, or it could be Sjogrens, they arent sure yet. And I am having a bout where I cant keep food down, and if I try to eat it hurts! But the worst right now is I have had a tumor in my Uterus for several years, it started bleeding a couple years ago and my Doctor put me on high dose BC pills. This worked for over a year but on Friday I started bleeding very heavy, I called my Dr and I am going in tomorow, most likely I will be having a partial hysterectomy. Im scared! I know God is with me but I dont like being put under, its scarey! And last time I woke up in the middle of surgery. I just want the Doctor to do the right thing. I think that is probably a hysterectomy, just help me feel Gods presence in the operating room! And that all goes well. Thanks so much!