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Healing for grandfather in ICU

For my grandfather James whom is 82 and in ICU after having a ten hour or more hour surgery to remove oral cancer. I am asking for a million prayers for him. I pray, James fever is gone, In Jesus name. James electrolytes are balanced in Jesus name. James no longer has pulmonary edema in Jesus name.James skin graft and bone grafts are healed in Jesus name. James body has been balanced and all organs including the heart are functioning well and are healed in Jesus name. The cancer is cured in Jesus name. His body well be strengthened and pain free in Jesus name. He will continue to get better each day in Jesus name. I pray the pneumonia will go away.I also ask that God give wisdom to us his family and the nurses and doctors for us to understand or know what he is telling us when he communicates, in Jesus name. I pray he be able to share his testimony from this to help others in Jesus name.