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My twin sister's finger needs a healing

My twin (April) had her finger operated on a couple of weeks ago due to an old injury that never healed right that caused her pain for years. It is not healing well post surgery. Her finger is apparently in throbbing pain a large part of the time and looks like it is an appendage of Frankenstein's monster. The splint they gave her for her finger is a little too small which does not allow her finger to breath properly and heal quickly and the splint that is one size bigger is too big to do her any good at all. I have been praying for her daily. I physically get sick to my stomach when my twin sister is in pain. I have been praying daily that she will heal quickly with as little discomfort as possible with ALMIGHTY GOD restoring her finger to full and perfect function. I could really use some other good prayer warriors to stand together with me in praying this for my beloved sister.