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Prayer Center

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Finances and Health

Hello All,, I am a single dad ,, I have a 16 yr old boy who lives with me . I work 40 hrs a week at 10 an hr. I am greatful for even having a job. But the money just does not seem to be enough. I lost a kidney to cancer and the other kidney has a spot on it,, but it seems to be working fine. I also have arthritis in all my joints in lower half of my body. I hurt everyday but I go to work no matter what. At this time not sure if there will even be a Christmas. Don't have enough for a tree and would like to get my son something special. I also have two daughters and four grandkids. Sounds like I am being greety but just want my kids to have something under the tree. I figure you will know what to pray for. My pastor says God's God and your not. I just keep praying and reaching out to God. Thank You For Listening,, Guy