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Out of Control 7 year old!!!!! HELP!

My cousin is struggling with her 7 year old daughter. Her daughter is out of control---she throws HUGE tantrums, says mean things, manipulates, & gets her way ALL THE TIME. Our grandfather rewards her constantly---brings her McDonalds happy meals, Taco Bell burritos, takes her to CHuck E Cheese, buys her toys at every place they stop at, he buys her cakes, cookies, jerky, donuts, and sometimes even sneaks them to her. Whenever someone corrects my 7 yr old cousin, he gets mad at us & then rescues her. He'll buy an expensive toy & she only plays with it one time, I've seen this happen more than once. My older cousin is stressed & struggling, she doesnt know how to handle this situation. Prayers for my family please. Thank you!