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I have been divorced for almost 4 years now but am still close to the in laws. For the past 16 years, my mother in law has crossed many many boundaries and while still married to her son, I asked him to try to talk to her about these boundaries to no success. Now that we are divorced, she is still crossing these boundaries. She is interfering with what little relationship I have with my now ex husband. Unfortunately, he and I are not on speaking terms. I'm finding it harder and harder to be with this side of the family, as we do still celebrate the holidays together. My mother in law is making it her business to make sure that he (my ex) get to spend as much time with our kids as possible, instead of letting us, our kids parents, work it out. Bottom line is she will not let him grow up. My prayer request is that God would soften my heart, let go of all this hurt and FORGIVE!