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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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prayers for all

knowing that God has got a plan for me,I have been Homeless since February and my son struggles with me with a fractured spine, he needs strength and encouragement to know father is there,We are staying this month with my daughter and husband and 3 grand daughters and they are also struggling to keep power on and an eviction with a washing machine that leaks water all over the floor , children need a christmas tree to see and pray and give thanks for the blessing of Jesus birth and death for us, without him in my life and the works of PLR I would be lost my only hope was to go be with God , now I know He has a plan for me and I have some to work to find it ,I am in classes at YVCC to be a teacher but know that I need blessing of strength to continue my journey to find Father ,Blessing to all in suffering lift up to Jesus he is my light of amor, Thank you for all you do :) June