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Prayer Center

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Peace and Forgiveness

My best friend and I got married about 8 months ago,we r currently in the process of getting a divorce becuase of poor choices, and adultry.We have both continue to hurt eachother with our actions. I ask that forgiveness be given for our hearts to be softened and for us to be able to work through this. He wants to move on and forget about the past but after 13 years of friendship and being able to talk about anything I just need to be able to have peace about his decision and be able to live with the regret everydaythat I feel about leaving.Peace to look past all the mistakes and know that what we are both doing isn't right and try to work together to build our marriage again. Peace to understand whyGod joined us in marriage if it wasn't going to last. We both did numerous things wrong can he ever admit that? Can I ever accept it?