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I am worried about my brother. He was supposed to go to treatment very soon, & he had a follow up appointment today that he didnt go to. A week ago he said he wanted to go to treatment, but this morning he took off & said he didnt want to go... Im afraid he is suicidal. He is depressed & doesnt like the life he's living, but he is stuck. I hate drugs & alcohol, I hate addiction & what it does to my family... I am scared for my little brother, he is only 23, and he has a daughter who is only 2 years old. Please pray for me to trust God completely, for my brothers mind to be protected & rebuked of suicidal thoughts... Not long ago, he told my cousin that he was going to committ suicide on his bday which was Sep 14... How scary?! He has accepted Christ into his life. I need help through prayer to TRUST GOD... Thank you.