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My supervisor seems to talk over my head all of the time. He has a large vocablary, and uses "accounting jargon," that I really do not understand. My job is an entry level position, and although it may be insecurity, I feel that he expects me to know what he's talking about when I really do NOT. I get really mad at him, but then snap out of it & tell myself to be thankful I even have a job. I've asked for training four times, and still no result. The stuff I do, I've heard, is not all that difficult, but I need training, guidance, leadership. I feel I usually dont get a staright answer from him, he seems to dance around the questions I ask. I feel embarrassed for not knowing how to do some of the things I'm asked. At times I feel that if I reveal to much, that I will be fired. I dont know what to do. Please pray for me, the place I work at & my bosses. Thank you