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HELP ME LORD!!!!!!!!!!

Lord I need some SLEEP & REST. I haven't been able to sleep in two days. I am SO stressed out because of worries about my sister in law Martha's colon cancer and her brother Mike at my house I am worried about my bills that are due this month. They are at my home in Spokane Valley, WA. I am in So. CA visiting my brothers for Christmas & New Years. I almost cancelled the trip, but Martha and Mike INSISTED that I went so I could be with my family. I am NOT going to be able to enjoy my visit if this continues. I am disabled and have problems walking, and with not being able to SLEEP it is getting worse!!!! I have taken sleeping pills for the past two nights and they have not even helped. Please pray that Satan's demons will flee my mind so I can get the rest that my body needs. Desperate In So. CA