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Healing for my sister, Shirley

My sister, Shirley was taken to Emergency again today, because she was having a horrible headache, so her doctor told her to go to Emergency and they did a CAT Scan and they found a bleeder in her brain. She said that when she fell while she was in the hospital, she had hit her head. The doctor said that if it had been a new bleed, it would have appeared white, but it was black, so the doctor said it could have happened a while ago. She will have another CAT Scan in the morning and then the Neuro-surgion will look at the scan and then make a decision as to go in and clean out the vein or give her medicine and see if that will take care of it. Please pray that God’s Will will be done in this situation. I know that God is able to take care of Shirley, because He has already proved Himself over and over again. Thank you, Marian Burge