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Prayer Center

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Personal strength and direction from God

I want to ask you to pray for me to be strong enough to take my life in the direction that God wants it to go. I am in a negative and lonely relationship with someone and have been for many years, and feel that when I pray for God's direction in my personal life, that his will is for me to end this relationship. But when I have tried to end the relationship I don't have the strength to do it, so I just stay in this relationship. I know I need to be stronger and have prayed so many times for God to give me the strength of a warrior, but I don't have it. On one hand I feel very alone and unloved, and on the other hand I know that I am a child of God, and he is always with me, and he loves me, as I do my children. I know there is power in numbers, so please pray for me to get thru this, and do what God wants me to do. I really just want to do whatever God's plan is for my life