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Prayer Center

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Sister In Law, Sister In Christ

My sister-in-law/in-Christ needs prayers. We believed she had finally accepted God last month and Jesus as her personal savior. We are worried, however, that because of her life difficulties, battle with depression, lack of food and sleep, etc. that she is not in a mental state of mind that is safe for herself. My husband and I believe, though it seems a little crazy, that she has been possessed by the adversary and he is using all she is learning about God against her. I will not go into serious detail to protect her privacy and because it is a long story. God knows who she is and I would appreciate any prayers sent up to Him for her state of mind. That He give her peace, love, and wisdom to care for herself and her 15 month old son. And please pray that those she loves can be there for her through this difficult time. Thank you.