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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Daughter and her Family

Last year i wrote in about in January and requested prayer, because my daughter had left her children 3/4 years old, just left them abandoned, her husband was in prison for 18 months. She had strayed far from God and her children. It was the most heart wrenching thing to hear the four year old pray at night "Jesus don't let my daddy die in prison" one day i had a picture of Jesus with a little girl sitting on his lap. she said how did you get that picture? He comes in my room at night when i cry. Thank God for his mercy,and redemption for all of us. Her husband is out of prison they are together again with their children. They both have jobs and attend church most Sundays. While there is so much that is still broken. I thank God for Positive life Radio/the Prayer Center. It was reassuring to know prayer was going out. Please Keep Praying. Ivey