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Trusting and believing but don't know what to tell my property manager

I've been asking for and trusting God for a job and/or other income so that I can support my family and keep from being evicted. Over the past few month especially, I have seen all kinds of incredible fruit in my life of the Holy Spirit's gentle guidance and have been hearing from Him over and over, "Trust me." In so many ways He has said that He will take care of us. He always has, and I believe He will. Today I received a phone call from my property manager for my rent for this past month which is past due. My rent for next month is due by the 1st. My power will be shut off if I can't pay my power bill by Friday. I have no human recourse left. I do not know what to do. I do not know what to tell my property manager. Please join me in praying for provision and for guidance.