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Prayer Center

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Hard times with the freezing weather

We are an older couple There is wiring repair that needs done in our home , no heater, no water heater, no cabinets, nothing but walls and a toilet. We can not occupy it until it is up to code ! We are living in our travel trailer parked beside our home with a space heater for heat.. our feet began to show signs of frostbite. We found help the first part of Dec, after 2 months of patiently waiting we were told that they were not able to help We have some of the parts, and access to most of the other parts, But we need an electrician willing to help. The frustrating part of trying to finish our house is that there is only two days work for the experts. But can't afford them. ...we have run out of funds. Thank you for your prayers to get us though these hard times we are facing.