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Prayer Center

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Adult College Student Struggling Bad with ADHD

Hello Brothers and Sisters! First I want to thank all of you who prayed for my marriage! My husband had moved out without any warning, BUT we are dating exclusively again and put divorce out of the picture! THANK YOU! Prayer works so that is why I am asking for some prayer again. I am older and working on earning my degree. I have ADHD and Bi-Polar 1 disorder. I had been on the perfect combination of meds for years with no problems, but now I can not focus, I can not absorb what I am trying to learn, I can not re-call what I thought I learned. I am behind in all of my classes and my anxiety has my blood pressure through the roof. Please pray for me that my mind becomes clear, that I am able to understand, absorb, and retain the knowledge I am trying so so hard to accomplish. I know christ strengthens me! God hears our prayers, I have been praying. Please help!