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lost money

Last night I cashed my paycheck, counted the money and headed to an appointment. I thought I put the envelope in my purse, but think I set it on my lap and that it must have fell out onto the street when I got out of my vehicle. After searching everywhere, it's no where to be found. Today when I reported the missing money, the police officer laughed and told me there is 99.9% chance it's gone forever when I told him the part of town it was lost. He wasn't being unkind, just emphasizing that percentage chance of recovery that he gave me. I told him I'm praying it will be turned in. He told me that he has my info and that "if" it gets turned in I'll get a call. I told him, "when" it gets turned in, "when"!! I ask for God to be Glorified in this situation and ask for your prayers in this and for my money's recovery, in Jesus' Name! Thanks!!