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CT Scan Results

Last week I had a chest Cat Scan and it showed some scarring on my right lung. I am 60 years old and my lungs have always been in great shape. I have never smoked. When I was 15 I had pneumonia and almost died from it. That is all I can think of that could have caused the scarring. My Dr. had me come in to discuss the results and he said there's a 90% chance that it IS caused from when I had pneumonia. However, he said the other 10% it could be a small cancer starting. He recommended two options. A PET Scan would show immediately whether it was a cancer or just scarring. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and I cannot afford it. The other option is to get another Cat Scan in 4 months to see if it has remained the same size. Please pray for me that I don't have the start of lung cancer. God Bless You ALL!!!!