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Prayer Center

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Your Word says to Wait Quietly. I don't understanding and can't wait any longer!

“God, I know your Word says to pray and wait quietly. IT IS SO HARD TO WAIT QUIETLY!” as tears stream down my checks. My heart is wrenching. The pain is not just emotional feelings, it is real physical pain, I feel it like a stake through my heart! I am in pain! The kind of pain that you would consider putting an animal out of it’s misery. TELL ME! TEACH ME! “FOR HOW LONG do I have to wait for the understanding I beg for?” “Have you forgotten me?” I am exhausted! How can I face tomorrow? Another day? This is too hard! I CAN"T DO IT ANYMORE and I have to have Your strength! Please pick me up, hold me! Let me cry myself to sleep. Wake me in the morning with new strength and determination. Please Lord! Help me go on. In Jesus name, Amen.