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Prayer Center

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Believe & Receive!

I have been in a very hard place for awhile now. Very lonely, is an understatement. I pray for you all each week and I can relate to many requests. Recently I just became very angry at my situation and realize I am in such a pitty party. I have placed myself on the throne which belongs to God. I told myself to get off and I take back all that is rightfully mine as a child of the King. I pray this for all of you as well. My problem is that the enemy keeps trying to get in my thoughts and take back my blessings. I'm in constant battle it seems. Please pray with me that we would all be encouraged by the fact that God wants to give back to us all that belongs to us. Peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self control. We are called to be free. Now I want to believe and receive!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!