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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Prayers for Beth

Beth fell down a flight of stairs at home on Friday. Her heart stopped and they were able to revive her. I just spoke with Don about Beth’s condition and what he shared reminded me that we must be fervent in prayer. The neurosurgeon at OHSU who is caring for Beth has informed Don and the family that the trauma to Beth’s neck is severe enough that she could end up a quadriplegic needing a ventilator full-time if the swelling near her spinal cord continues. If the swelling decreases, the prognosis is a little better, but there is still a long recovery ahead in any case. I’m asking for all of you to commit to praying for Beth throughout the next 24-48 hours, for God to reach into her life and stop the swelling around her spinal cord and to heal her. Pray also for Don and their son and daughter to receive strength and comfort from the Holy Spirit as they remain by her side. Pastor Mark