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Prayers for very dear friend in an emotionally & spiritually toxic relationship

My friend has been in a relationship for 10yrs now- the woman he is with helped him after a traumatic divorce that caused him to start drinking & become suicidal. Their relationship has crumbled since they married a couple years ago. He's been going thru several trials lately, involving his family members- not Hers- so she hasn't offered any emotional support... leaving him to struggle ALONE. He's become more & more depressed in the last months & started drinking again. He's reached out to me for help & prayers- since he's not getting support at home. I'm asking for prayers that God open his eyes to the kind of negative environment he is living in- and that he may not be meant to be with this person any more. Also, that if he is NOT meant to be with her, God will show him how to remove himself from this situation and take away any feelings of guilt or obligation he has.