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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Strength Hope and Provision

Please pray for us. We are a family of three living together, My Brother and I Stay with my mom and are both on SSI. My Brother Suffers with Aspbergers and Bipolar Along with Chronic Migraines and Fybromyalgea and cannot work. My Mother Has Exhausted herself providing for us on her own and now suffers with chronic Fybromyalgea and other Pain, She feels bad that she has to live off of us and feels frustrated not being able to work. She Has Applied for SSI and disabilities but was denied due to bias opinions. Things are getting worse for us we are losing funds left and right and seem to be hit with something new each day. I ask for prayer that things will start looking up, strength encouragement and hope for my mother, and especially hope for my brother who is very angry and frustrated. -Thank you and God Bless