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Prayer Center

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This is not a prayer request, but words from God He has placed on my heart as I was in prayer over your requests . "I know the pain some of you face. I know the loneliness that some of you feel. I know every provision that you need and every healing that will take place. I know the peace some of you need in a world that is not your own. I love you children and remember, my plan is to ALWAYS bless you and give you everything according to my Riches and Glory. I have overcome so that you may receive ALL that I have to give. I am sooo near to you right now. With faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains and they will be moved! Keep trusting Me. Don't let go." I would ask that whoever reads this would click on the " I prayed for You" so that I would be encouraged that you read it. May God truly bless you all today and forever! Simple Servant