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Prayer Center

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Financial, Housing, Depression, Overwhelmed by the world...

There is a lot to my request, hard to say in just a few minutes. My husband and i are needing to move back to Wenatchee, Washington; we live in Withrow, Washington which is 50 miles away from Wenatchee. Our problem is that we have bad credit, and my husband has a criminal record, he went to prison did his time was released has not recommitted . He has turned his life over to God and has a relationship with God, we pray all the time. when our lease is up we will be out on the street if we can not find a place we are not asking for a hand out we are asking for a hand up! Our lease ends June 5th we need a 2 bedroom house with storage area and a place for a garden. Thank you for your station and all you do i cant wait till i am driving into town tomorrow so i can hear that beautiful music, that brings me closer to God !