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Beautiful person missing in my life.

Round about 8 months ago i met the most wonderful boy all around the world. We were on vacation and i've never seen him before. This one week was enough to fell in love with him. We endjoied doing worship togeher and read in the bible. Everything was perfect. We was my "brother", best friend and boyfriend in one person. But all those beautiful memories came to an end an our ways seperated...and we texted each other at home for months - it wasn't the same. But the problem is the big distance between us. Now - 8 moths after the vacationtrip we haven't seen us yet. And we also do not text each other anymore, because the long distance and the long time pulled at our love. And if nothing changes i'll definitely lose him forever! This would be the worst thing in my life . I'm so hopeless, and i would be so thankfull if you could pray for me / us / the situation... Thanks so much:)