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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Our family has been struggling for several years. We moved to this small town far from everyone and everything we loved, why? For a promising job opportunity. The job did not last, and we found ourselves stuck in a place we do not want to be. We can not seem to move, or find jobs that pay well, it's depressing. We attend church regularly,when this first happened years ago, I truly did believe God will provide better. My faith as well as my joy since has been slipping. I do understand we are here on earth to do Gods work, I do see that I have lead people to Christ God does have a way to show me. That seems to be the story, I'm always there for someone being a blessing, but I do not want to be living in this place any longer, I want to go home. Please pray that God will reveal to us what it is that we need to do to finish his job here so we can be set free! Thank you